Fire Extinguishers: 3 Important Things to Know

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fire extinguishers

Whether your home is a three-story Tudor, a skyline-grazing apartment or an RV on wheels, you need at least one fire extinguisher for it. But if you don’t have the right one, or you haven’t checked it recently, you may have a false sense of security rather than a fire-fighting device. There are a few important things to know about … Read More

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

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prepare your home

Fall is a wonderful time of year, if your home is ready for it. Yes, this is the time of year to fix small problems before they become big, and big ones before they become catastrophic. Here are 10 tips to help prepare your home: Look up. Examine your roof closely. Remove moss, clear debris from your gutters and downspouts, … Read More

Risk Management and You

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Risk is defined as the potential of losing something of value. It is a potential, unpredictable, and immeasurable outcome. It is the consequence of action in spite of uncertainty.  Individuals and business owners face risk daily in their business operations, in their ownership of goods and property, and in their everyday lives. Risk comes in many forms such as fire, … Read More

Life Insurance with Living Benefits

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For years, life insurance was seen as an unpleasant topic, because the person paying the premiums generally derived no financial benefit from the policy. He had to die before a benefit would be paid. Today, however, insurance companies are offering policies that pay living benefits. While the primary purpose of life insurance remains safeguarding your family’s financial security in the … Read More

Life Insurance Planning

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Most people are familiar with insurance. They often have home, auto, or medical insurance to protect their health and property. Businesses often obtain general liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect their employees and business assets.  However, many people overlook the value of life insurance.  Life insurance is an essential tool to protect your family and business and to provide … Read More

RMC Group Added Human Resources Department

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HR Consulting

RMC Group, an international provider of risk management and actuarial consulting services, is a consortium of independent entities, including CJA and Associates, Inc. and RMC Consultants, Ltd.  RMC specializes in the design, implementation and administration of innovative risk management and insurance products geared to the small-to-medium sized business. RMC offers a wide range of services, including property & casualty solutions, … Read More