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Are You Moving? Buying a Car? Starting a Family? Working From Home?

Whether you own or rent your home, one thing is certain — life is always changing. You may not even be aware of how these changes might influence your insurance options.

At RMC, we help you thrive during times of transition.

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With the insurance landscape changing every year, it makes sense to review your options annually.

You may qualify for new companies or discounts that weren’t available before. In some cases you might even be able to expand your coverage for a better deal.

Should You Be Shopping Your Insurance?

At RMC, we work with dozens of companies to help you find the best combination of value and protection. Here’s a sampling of the types of coverages we can help you shop for…

Beyond simply covering the structure itself, a homeowners policy can also cover your personal belongings when you travel. Additional enhancements could also be added to safeguard you from breakdowns of typical household items, such as refrigerators, water heaters, heating and air conditioners and more.

Rental properties require slightly different coverage when compared to a standard homeowners policy. Whether you have direct tenants or list with homeshare services like Airbnb or VRBO, we’ll help you find a flexible solution that meets your needs.

With proper limits, car insurance can offer broad coverage such as protection from uninsured or underinsured drivers, regardless of whether you are a driver or passenger in your car or someone else’s.

How much is your nest egg worth? With umbrella insurance, you’re taking an extra step towards protecting yourself from large liability claims that could compromise your personal assets.

Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the United States, and it’s not usually covered under a standard homeowners policy. Even a few inches of water can be costly to repair. It’s a good idea to explore your flood insurance options, especially before storm season begins.

From hurricane haul out to on-water towing and coverage for personal effects and equipment, your boat insurance can provide flexible coverage for however you enjoy the water.

Collectibles like jewelry, fine art, guns and wine have very little coverage on a standard homeowners policy. With a collections policy, you can typically insure any sized collection with little or no deductible and typically more comprehensive coverages as well.

 Whether you use your car in shows, for pleasure, or both, collector cars require specialized coverages to protect their value.

Renters insurance is essential for more than just covering your personal belongings. Similar to a homeowners policy, it also provides you with liability protection and living expense reimbursement if your home is damaged and unlivable while repairs are being made.

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