RMC Group Announces Upcoming Webinar on Innovative Health Plan Strategies

RMC Group is excited to announce an upcoming webinar designed to help agents and their business owner clients navigate the challenges of rising health insurance premiums through innovative health plan strategies. The webinar will feature insights from Sue Nelson, VP of Health and Benefits, and Thomas Bacharach, VP of Sales.

Webinar Details

  • Date: June 26, 2024
  • Time: 11am EST

Webinar Topics

  1. Funding Options: Explore the benefits of self-funding and level funding.
  2. TPA Selection: Learn how to choose the right Third-Party Administrator.
  3. Cost Management Partners: Understand the importance of Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) and Value-Based Pricing (VBP) partners.
  4. Direct Primary Care: Discover how to leverage Direct Primary Care (DPC) and alternative designs.
  5. Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Gain insights into transparent pricing and sourcing options.
  6. Medical Management: Enhance employee experience through effective medical management.
  7. Direct Contracts: Evaluate options for specialized services through direct contracts.

“With the ever-increasing costs of health insurance, it’s crucial for businesses to explore innovative strategies to manage their healthcare expenses. Our webinar aims to equip attendees with practical solutions to optimize their health plans,” said Thomas Bacharach, VP of Sales.


To secure your spot in this insightful webinar and empower yourself with strategies to manage healthcare costs, register here. We look forward to your participation!

About RMC Group

RMC Group provides innovative solutions in the health and benefits sector, helping businesses optimize their health plans and manage costs effectively. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to offer the best strategies and insights to our clients.

For more information, please contact our marketing team at [email protected].

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