Ensure Safe Digging on Your Property

Follow These Essential Guidelines Before You Dig

If you’re planning to dig on your property, hold that shovel for a moment. Federal and state laws mandate that all homeowners and contractors notify the relevant utility companies before starting any excavation work.


Understanding the Dig Safe System

To help you comply with excavation regulations, many utility companies have collaborated to create the Dig Safe system. By reaching out to this program, you can meet both state and federal notification requirements for digging, trenching, blasting, demolishing, boring, backfilling, grading, landscaping, and other similar projects on your property. Using the Dig Safe system helps you and your contractors avoid damaging underground utilities, ensure proper equipment usage, and reduce the risk of injury.


How to Make a Dig Request

Visit the Dig Safe website or call 1-888-DIG-SAFE to request a service person to mark the location of underground utilities on your property. When you call, you’ll receive a permit number as confirmation of your request. It’s best to contact the program well in advance of your planned start date to ensure there’s enough time for the utilities to be marked.


Adhering to Digging Regulations

Notifying the appropriate parties and marking utilities before beginning any excavation project is not only a legal requirement—it also protects you from potential accidents. Be sure to follow all local, state, and federal standards regarding property digging.

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