The Aftermath of Hurricane Ian and Why It’s Time to Review Your Insurance

Regrettably, some of life’s lessons are the most painful and expensive. Hurricane Ian is going to be one of those hard lessons for many Floridians.

The truth is that many residents and business owners will never recover from the financial toll of Hurricane Ian. Many people had no insurance, not enough insurance, or just simply the wrong type of insurance.

Hurricane Ian’s Financial Toll

RMC Group is an international risk management brokerage firm based in Southwest Florida.  Like you, we are experiencing just how catastrophic events like this can be.  As our business recovers from the Hurricane, we are also assisting clients with filing claims, claims adjudication, and the general recovery process from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

And, while it is our great pleasure to be that guiding hand through this difficult time, the results are not always positive. The worst part is having to explain to homeowners and business owners why their claims are being denied. In most cases, it is because they simply are not covered or did not have the right coverage.

While you can’t do anything about your current coverage, you can prevent future mistakes.  Make sure that you know what your policy covers. Don’t get caught thinking that “it won’t happen here, or I don’t need that coverage or that amount”.  As too many are finding out, learning after the fact is a significantly more expensive lesson and can take a huge financial toll at home or on your business.

Free Comprehensive Policy Review

RMC Group offers a free comprehensive policy review.  We take a deep dive into all your current insurance policies, offer guidance on ways to enhance your insurance coverage, and help you, make changes to your coverage as needed.  Our review requires a small investment of your time, but no money.  However, think about how much doing nothing would cost you, if and when another disaster occurs. Click here to learn more about the review process and what it entails.


To get started, contact RMC Group at 239-298-8210 or [email protected]. Once we have copies of your insurance policies, we can produce a policy review for you and/or your business. Let’s get started today!