More Than 40% of Adults in the U.S. Don’t Have a Will

More than 40% of adults in the U.S. don’t have a will. And if you are one of the 40%, that’s ok.  Keep reading to learn what you can do.

Americans spend so much time working, taking care of our families, paying bills, and striving for a better life.  And, yet 40% of us fail to provide what happens to our hard-earned dollars after we die.

This means that, instead of directing where your money goes, your family is held hostage to state law.

Few people want to think or talk about death. It’s not a fun topic. But not talking about it is not going to prevent it from happening. With a little planning, which means life insurance and a will, we can take care of the nest egg we spent our lives building for those we leave behind.

Things Other Than a Will to Think About

In addition to a will and life insurance, a Power of Attorney and a Medical Directive should also be part of your estate planning.  These documents are vital tools that instruct others on how to handle your affairs in case you become incapacitated or unable make decisions for yourself.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a written document that appoints another person, known as an attorney-in-fact, to represent you or act on your behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. As the person signing the power of attorney you are the principal and your attorney-in-fact is your agent.

Medical Directive

A medical directive is a legal document in which you specify what medical care should be provided in the event that you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself.  A medical directive is more commonly known as a living will.


We spend our lives trying to provide and protect our loved ones. Don’t make the costly, and potentially disastrous, mistake of either not acting or taking a “wait and see” approach to your legacy. Everyone believes we have time and that just isn’t guaranteed.

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