6 Ways to Reduce Cyber Security Risk for Your Business

A sound, cyber security strategy can help prevent a cyber-attack, reduce the severity of losses in the event of an attack and help in post-loss recovery.

With specific risk control measures in place, losses can be mitigated or even prevented.

Prevent Cyber Loss

Here are 6 simple controls that a business can implement to help prevent a cyber loss:

1. Physical Controls

Basic things like multiple door locks and alarm systems are important, as well as programs to limit physical access to computers.

2. Procedural Controls

Security policies regarding authorization, levels of system access, and system responses to unauthorized users are key policies to include in an employee handbook.

3. Personnel Controls

Often employees can download viruses such as malware or ransomware with disastrous consequences. So having proper download authorizations and IT controls in place are crucial.

4. Managerial Controls

To prevent too many people from having access to computer systems, it is helpful to centralize cybersecurity responsibilities.

5. Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber-Crimes

Organizations that vigilantly monitor, investigate, and prosecute cyber-crimes reduce the likelihood of being “a target”! Having proper cyber plans in place are essential business practices in today’s world.

6. Post-Cyber Incident Recovery Plan

Organizations should have a recovery plan in place before a loss occurs. That way they can bounce back to business faster. Focusing on system backups, computer storage, and offsite data storage will help a business preserve and sustain its revenue and business operations after a cyber event.

Conclusion to Cyber Security

Cyber security breaches can happen at any time, so it is important to have procedures and controls in place before it’s too late!

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