‘Tis the Season to Stay Protected

As we go into the final weeks of 2020, cyber protection has become vitally important to every company, organization, or individual that uses any form of technology; whether a computer, laptop, cell phone, or server.

Let’s not give the bad apples easy access to our most important assets personal information and data.

Here are some tips on how to stay protected as we finish out 2020 and move into the new year:

  • Store your file backups off-site
  • Maintain Antivirus and Antimalware software
  • Automate software and application updates
  • Use a firewall whenever possible
  • Disable unnecessary file and media sharing processes
  • Delete old files from the cloud or off-site back-ups
  • Install privacy settings anytime you get new software
  • Use encrypting data software and hardware

We want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! So together let’s stay safe, diligent, and make it harder for those with bad intentions to do us harm.

For more information on cyber insurance and how to protect your business, contact RMC Group at 239-298-8210 or [email protected].