Courtney Boles Joins RMC Group as Captive Risk Consultant

RMC Group is excited to announce that Courtney Boles has joined the company as a Captive Risk Consultant. Courtney is responsible for building relationships and soliciting new business for the captive division of RMC Group.

Courtney Boles Headshot

“After my sabbatical on a remote tropical island, I’m recharged and excited to be back in the insurance industry. I’m happy to partner with a company like RMC Group that is cutting-edge and diverse enough to offer myriad risk management strategies, yet still retains personalized service,” Courtney said.

Many Years of Experience

Courtney brings over 10 years of experience in the captive insurance industry to RMC Group.  She has helped hundreds of businesses identify their risks and evaluate alternative risk management solutions. She has helped to form insurance companies in 14 domiciles using a variety of structures including single parent, cell, and agency captives. These captives, combined with her clients’ existing commercial insurance, medical stop loss and other programs, worked to create customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective enterprise risk management strategies. Courtney also has five years’ experience with commercial insurance for a large regional insurance broker.

Courtney is an Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) and will complete her Associates in Captive Insurance (ACI) from ICCIE in 2021.

Mark Ewell, Executive Vice President of Risk with RMC Group, commented, “We are excited for Courtney to bring her knowledge and experience to our team at RMC. She will be an asset from day one and we look forward to her success.”