Roxana Salem to Retire From PlanGen

PlanGen, a member of the RMC Group, announces that Roxana Salem, Senior Report Developer, will retire effective April 3, 2020.

Roxana has been with PlanGen since 2008. For over a decade, Roxana has been an integral part of the PlanGen team, working closely with the President of PlanGen to develop and work on quality control for the various custom report applications that produce comprehensive plan design illustrations, executive summaries, and plan comparisons for pension retirement plans.

Roxana has big plans for her retirement. She has been an avid student of genealogy and has provided amateur search services for individuals. After retiring, she plans to begin the process of attaining professional Board Certification in order to meet the rigorous standards required to access the repositories of courthouses, libraries, and archives.

Roxana is also a licensed falconer and will now have the time to engage in the practice.  She may pursue trapping an immature hawk in the fall, caring for it and training it over the winter and releasing it in the spring.  This will markedly improve the young raptor’s survival rate into adulthood. She will also have a lot more time to take long walks in the woods with her dog, a Borzoi named Varushka.

“Roxana has been an invaluable asset to PlanGen over the years,” said Todd Trzaskos. “She has been a wonderful co-worker offering good-humored skepticism and witty conversation. We truly will miss her.  Even though we may be able to call on her for consulting now and again, we realize that she has great plans for her time away from the computer screen, and we wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement.”

On behalf of RMC Group, we congratulate Roxana on her achievements throughout her career and wish her the best of luck in retirement. For more information about PlanGen, click here.