Protect Your Assets from Equipment Breakdown

Learn the importance of Equipment Breakdown Insurance to help with financial losses

In the intricate web of business operations, a critical detail that is often overlooked is the need for the reliability of equipment. Picture a manufacturing plant humming with activity, a hospital bustling with lifesaving procedures, or a hotel ensuring guest comfort—all heavily reliant on machinery and equipment. But what happens when these essential gears grind to a halt due to unforeseen breakdowns? This is where Equipment Breakdown Insurance steps in as a shield against financial turmoil and operational disruptions.

Understanding Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown Insurance, also known as Boiler and Machinery Insurance, provides a safety net for businesses when its equipment unexpectedly breakdowns.  Beyond just covering the cost of repairs or replacements, this type of insurance extends its protective reach to encompass the broader spectrum of business losses incurred during downtime. From boilers to air conditioning units, from electrical systems to computer networks, this insurance covers a wide array of equipment crucial for seamless business operations.

The Scope of Coverage

The scope of damages covered by Equipment Breakdown is extensive, mirroring the diverse landscape of modern business machinery:

  • Mechanical Breakdown: From manufacturing equipment to cash registers, any machinery pivotal to a business can fall under the umbrella of coverage.
  • Technology: Computers, communication systems, and security apparatuses can be safeguarded against unexpected failures.
  • Electrical Issues: Whether it’s a power surge or a cable malfunction, Equipment Breakdown Insurance can provide protection.
  • Air Control: HVAC systems and refrigeration units, vital for maintaining optimal conditions, can be protected from breakdowns.

Exclusions: What’s Not Covered

While Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers most internal breakdowns, there are exceptions to its protection:

  • Wear and Tear: Normal wear and tear, considered a maintenance issue, typically falls outside the coverage scope.
  • Rust and Corrosion: Damages preventable through proper maintenance may not be covered.
  • Cyber-Attacks: Unlike cyber insurance, Equipment Breakdown Insurance doesn’t shield against losses stemming from cyber-attacks. To learn more about protecting your business from cyber-attacks, read our previous article here.
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes and floods necessitate separate coverage due to their exclusion from standard policies.
  • Intentional Acts: Damages resulting from deliberate actions by employees might not be covered.

Who Needs Equipment Breakdown?

Any business reliant on machinery, electrical systems, or technology to keep its wheels turning stands to benefit from Equipment Breakdown Insurance. Whether it’s a manufacturing facility, a healthcare institution, a hospitality venue, or a commercial establishment, safeguarding against equipment breakdowns is paramount for protecting a business from the financial loss caused by equipment breakdown.

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