4 Ways to Prevent Claims and Lower Insurance Premiums

You don’t have to go far to find easy and innovative ways to help your business run more profitably.

Look at any millennial… you will see that the entire culture has shifted toward technology. This is no surprise in 2020, but has your risk management strategy made the same shift?

Times are Changing

Are you still holding occasional safety meetings in the breakroom using your VCR? And posting the OSHA sign somewhere you hope your employees see it? It may be time to upgrade.

Times are changing and so should your procedures and trainings to help reduce claims activity. Some of these improvements could possibly lower your insurance premiums as well.

4 Ways to Improve

1. Safe Driver Discount

We’ve all heard or seen the commercials that claim to give you a safe driver discount, if you’re willing to stick a monitoring device in your car.

But did you know that this discount may also be available for your business auto insurance (depending on the state and insurance company). Are you doing that for your commercial cars, vans, and trucks? And for that matter, why don’t you have a camera mounted in those vehicles for extra protection.

2. Security Cameras

If we monitor the front door of our homes by installing a fancy, video doorbell… shouldn’t we also utilize those same devices at work? Installing security cameras in service bays, showrooms, and even office spaces can add an extra layer of security. Which in return could mean a discount on your insurance and offset some of the cost of the equipment.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created for more than just an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie! We are living in the age of the Jetsons and it’s time to embrace it. For example, retailers can use online customer support chats to improve efficiency and minimize calls.

4. Security Software

From drones to software that can monitor emails for fraud, embezzlement, and a whole host of other dangers. Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, so it is important to have your business protected in all areas.


Risk management strategies can strengthen the value of your company. It can also help you enjoy greater profits. Just simply implement more efficient methods for the same procedures you’ve been using to run your business for years.

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