9 Questions To Quickly Identify Pension Prospects in 2019

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Is a qualified retirement plan appropriate for your clients? Let’s find out.

Just ask them a series of questions, any of these questions will help determine if they’re good suitable candidates.

First, is your client a business?

They have to be a business in order to benefit from a qualified retirement plan.

Now, any type of business structure qualifies to establish a plan.

That’s C Corps, S Corps, LLC’s, Partnerships, even Sole Proprietors.

There’s many types of employee benefit plans that Sole Proprietors cannot take advantage of, however with a qualified retirement plan any business structure can take advantage of this.

Are they a small closely held business?

Small closely held businesses these are ideal candidates for qualified retirement plans.

Now, middle and larger size business can benefit as well, but small closely held businesses are absolutely perfect for this type of plan.

Is the business profitable?

Are your clients looking for a more efficient vehicle for their surplus profits?

Are your clients earning more money than they need to live on?

If any of these questions are true, if any of these answers to these questions are “yes,” then a qualified retirement plan can absolutely help your clients.

Let me ask you another question that you should ask your client, will a significant benefit in their retirement years, and by significant, I mean up to two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars a year ($225,000).

That’s two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars annually, or eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty dollars ($18,750) a month, do you think that would be appealing to your client?

How about another question, if you could provide this benefit and do it all on a tax advantage basis, do you think that would be appealing to your client?

If you could tell your client we can absolutely guarantee a benefit for them, do you think that would be appealing to them?

And these plans exist, we can provide you a plan that has absolutely no market risk on their investment. Do you think that would be appealing to your client?

If you or your client has answered yes to any of these questions then please contact us so we can help you with a qualified retirement plan.