Holidays? Vacations? Coverage?

Usually insurance decisions are made on a static basis, related to life’s milestones such as the following:

  • New adults leaving home for their own apartment
  • Getting a new job
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Major purchases
  • Moving to a new home
  • Acquiring cars, boats or other vehicles
  • New drivers in the household
  • Divorce
  • Retirement

The above events often trigger a need to evaluate one’s insurance landscape. It may spur a need to buy renters coverage, a homeowners or auto policy or secure wedding coverage, an umbrella policy or endorsements for jewelry etc.

However, there’s an issue with milestones. Typically years pass between these events and that may cause you complacency about your coverage needs. You may not recognize that having adequate protection is more dynamic.

Not to worry, there is an easy way to consider making necessary changes. Often, holidays and vacations include acquiring more personal items, such as Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. These are times that, besides fun and memories, are also accompanied by gifts, such as jewelry or other high-value items. After these special days, take a moment to evaluate whether you received property that might make it prudent to update your coverage.

How about vacations? Generally any coverage concerns are unnecessary for routine trips within the country. However, what about dream vacations in foreign destinations or in-country get-aways for extended periods? In either case you may need to consider whether your existing policies cover the situation. For instance, do you need temporary, separate coverage for protection in other countries? Will your travel create any special liability issues? Did you acquire new property that needs protection? Will you be away so long that you have to address any issue created by your absence from your residence?

Having proper coverage means taking the steps to make sure that it protects you in the manner you need. Use these special days and events as touch points to contact an insurance professional to make sure you have needed protection.