Help Your Manufacturing Clients Understand Trade Tariffs

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How do your manufacturing clients deal with tariffs and supply chain interruptions?

Manufacturing businesses today are at risk because of the unpredictable geopolitical environment we find ourselves in.

Even if your manufacturing clients don’t directly deal with these suppliers, their suppliers most likely do in this global economy.

  • So what happens when the new tariffs are imposed?
  • What happens when a government bans businesses from exporting or importing from another country?
  • How does this affect the bottom line?
  • Can a company survive the shock?
  • Are company margins high enough to absorb the increase cost?
  • Or do they have alternative suppliers to turn to in other areas of the world or even locally?

As a trusted advisor for your clients, you can shed light on the topics, and help build contingency plans to mitigate these sort of risks without having to become a manufacturing trade expert.

There are potential insurance options available for businesses that find themselves in these situations and most businesses and advisors for that matter, don’t even know they exist.

Manufacturing is what made this country great by providing good paying jobs, so helping companies deal with these new dilemmas is of great importance to maintain and grow manufacturing in this country.

As trade risk increases day by day, be the trusted advisor on the forefront of a solution by showing your clients that you’re staying ahead of the curve making you invaluable to their team.

To find out what options may be available for you and your clients.

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