Life Insurance for Advisors

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So life insurance…

So many advisors, they’re afraid of it, they don’t understand it.

There are so many wonderful benefits and ways to utilize life insurance for your business clients.

Terrific planning strategies you can simply help your client, at the same time you can help enhance your practice.

It’s a wonderful planning tool, whether it’s from deferred compensation plans to keyman policies to buy sell arrangements…

How about qualified retirement plans.

These are all wonderful planning tools, wonderful strategies which utilize life insurance for your business clients.

Qualified retirement plans…do you have one?

If so talk to your clients about adding a death benefit.

It’s an absolute terrific way to add life insurance on a tax-favored basis and all at the same time provide a very meaningful benefit and a planned completion component to your plan.

No qualified retirement plan for your client.

No problem! Talk to us…

We can establish a plan for your client!

This is our expertise, this is what we do. We make it easy for you!

You establish a plan which provides a very meaningful retirement income benefit.

It could also include a death benefit and all these benefits are on a potentially tax-advantaged basis to your client.

It’s a win-win!

Your clients will absolutely love these benefits and you’re going to love it too because it’s value added for you.

At the same time, you can help enhance your practice.

Talk to us, give us a call.

Click on the link below, we’ll share some of these strategies with you where you can utilize these life insurance strategies and to benefit your client.

We look forward to talking to.

Contact us to learn more!