Healthcare Costs are on the Rise

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Think about that number for a moment…

It represents almost 1/5 but almost 1/5 of what?

This number should shock every CPA and business owner for one reason.

17.9% is the percent of the U.S. GDP that is spent on healthcare and it’s unsustainable.

Now here’s how that number impacts your business clients.

Small businesses tend to face more challenges with their health insurance than their larger counterparts.

If you’ve been asking your clients how much money they spend on health care, then you already know that they’re seeing double-digit increases every year.

This creates a real problem for businesses that are trying to balance their budgets.

They’re faced with the prospect of offering less or minimum coverage, and passing more cost to their employees or they might decide not to offer health insurance at all.

Health insurance is an important part of a compensation package, so not providing it can hurt a business ability to attract and keep talented employees.

Good employees are hard to find, so don’t drive the good ones away or at least give them an excuse to begin looking elsewhere because they will.

So what are you recommending to your clients as a CPA.

Your clients expect you to have answers, whether they tell you or not you can bring a solution to this problem and provide more value to your clients with an alternative option that can potentially lower health costs without losing the existing coverages.

To find out if any of your clients could benefit from this, drop me a comment below or give me a call.

Help your client keep more of that pie.

17.9% is a big number!