Every Room in Your Client’s House

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How well do you know your clients?

Have you been through every room of their house?

Imagine your client’s business is a house.

Each room represents some aspect of a company, like…

  • Their operations
  • The finances
  • The management
  • Employees
  • And even insurance

Not every CPA or even the business owners themselves have the time or even the expertise to make sure that every room is in order.

This leaves the door open…

  • To catch lost opportunities
  • To catch cash flow issues
  • And to beat competitors that are going to try to come in with better strategies

Now let’s face it, everyone loves coming home to an orderly house.

Is your client’s house in order?

A great way to protect yourself and your client’s relationship is with better housekeeping.

One way to do this is by using the risk analysis process.

Now this does sound complex, BUT I’ll explain how you can do this with very little experience at absolutely no cost to you or your clients.

A risk analysis begins with the property and casualty insurance review.

This is where every traditional insurance coverage is reviewed. This includes your

  • Work comp
  • GL (general liability)
  • Property
  • And any other commercial policies that your client may have

Many times these clients are exposed or financial strapped because of the design of their insurance program.

This page by page review will give a detailed summary and it will highlight areas of improvement and give recommendations.

Your client can use these suggestions and take them directly to their current provider to get an immediate benefit if there are changes that are needed.

Phase two of the risk analysis is a deeper dive that looks at the entire company as a whole.

We’re going to look at…

  • The employee benefits program
  • The ownership structure of the company
  • The operations of the company outside of just property and casualty insurance

Phase two will provide alternative options and strategies that may benefit

  • The business owners
  • The business itself
  • And the employees of the business…

…By providing better benefits, programs, and opportunity.

Think of the risk analysis as a spring cleaning for your clients.

If you have a client in mind and would like to get their housekeeping in order, you can take advantage of this complimentary service as a CPA partner of RMC.

To get started, just leave me a comment below and we’ll reach out.