Change is Constant

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They say change is constant.

If change is the only constant in life, then why is the insurance coverage on your business staying the same?

You may think a flat renewal with no increase this year is a blessing…

Maybe you’re right…

But if your business is changing meaning

  • Your sales are fluctuating
  • Employees are being hired or let go
  • You’re taking on new clients
  • Dropping old ones
  • Maybe you’re moving into new markets
  • Or adjusting the types of products and services you offer

Then your insurance should be changing with you as well!

The last thing a company wants is to be in a position where you’re paying out large amounts of operating capital as a result of a loss that should have been covered under your insurance policy.

In these circumstances, a company may not survive the financial hit…

And many times they don’t!

Understanding your insurance coverage is difficult.

Policies can be hundreds of pages long, often with exclusions and endorsements that at times seem contradictory and make you feel like you need a special degree just to make any sense of it.

We provide a free risk review for businesses of all sizes.

In this review, you’ll get help with understanding what you’re covered for and what you’re not covered for and we’ll explain it to you in layman’s terms.

You’ll get insights about how to fill coverage gaps and we’ll even offer suggestions about adding and deleting coverages based on your specific needs.

Reach me for a free risk of you today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone else is looking out for you.