Benefits of Holistic Planning

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Let’s face it, as a CPA like it or not your clients think of you as in a lot of senses their most trusted adviser and so with that comes a significant amount of responsibility.

The good news is that gives you a great deal of control and the ability to talk straight truth to your client.

The problem with that is, that when I last looked the tax code was 1,500 pages…

Maybe more…

You are charged with this responsibility of taking care of your client on the entire spectrum of what they are concerned about, but you also have to keep up with those taxes, those efficiencies, those ways to deduct them and keep them out of problems with the IRS.

So part of what you can do and what your client can do is really look at everything that is part of their life and do some holistic planning with them.

What we can do is bring a team together for you that’s going to help them look at their retirement plans through pension plans and those pension plans can also give them other opportunities that may be able to help with estate planning or those things in retirement.

Because let’s face it when most people talk about retirement, all they talk about is how much money is going to be in their bank account.

They’re not taking into account living too long, being in a nursing home, maybe dying before you’re expecting and leaving that money to your heirs or maybe god forbid a child that needs additional care.

Those are all things that can be addressed appropriate through a pension plan.

Business owners have risk and concerns, but they’re trusting that what they try to buy is the most appropriate for them do.

They have a team of experts that are going to offer them the ability to make educated decisions.

If they’re maybe a little bit large, maybe somewhere around the 5 million or up range…

Maybe we can offer them a captive, which is really just another form of creating your own insurance company.

So you can retain and control those profits and really set up a profit center for yourself.

And then it probably has come to your attention that medical and health insurance are probably one of the largest costs to a business or your businesses looking at that and saying if I’m controlling my costs, if I’ve got a younger healthier base of clients, am I getting the better rates?

Am I seeing double digits increases or can I benefit from being somebody that is on top of those costs and really improved my cash flow.

These are all things that working with you and your team of advisers.

At RMC can offer better planning better opportunities and really be able to answer a lot of the questions that your clients have because and let’s face it being an expert is not being able to answer your clients questions.

It’s knowing more than your client and being able to anticipate the questions they should be asking but don’t know enough to ask.

Let’s look at holistic planning for your client.