Risk Review Shows Value Added

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CPAs and advisors can offer risk reviews as a way to add more value and deepen relationships with clients.

This provides you the advisor with an opportunity to show your worth and show your clients that you can do more.

You already have trust, now you can expand the relationship you’ve built with your clients and create loyalty.

This will help broaden your offerings beyond typical tax and accounting services.

The process begins with 3 steps:

  • First by reviewing all Property and Casualty policies and we mean the full documents…
  • Then by reviewing medical plan benefits and information on your medical plan…
  • And finally by looking into information on any other benefit or retirement plan

And summarizing it in all layman’s terms.

Most businesses don’t know what they have and this high-level understanding will help call out potential areas of concern in an easy-to-understand format.

A risk review can even serve as a confirmation to your client that everything is exactly as it should be, providing peace of mind in further building that trust and loyalty.

At RMC, we offer financial professionals like you this high-level overview at absolutely no cost to you or your client.

Leverage our skills and expertise to separate yourself.

Get away from the crowd and look like a hero!

Drop me a line or send me a message if you want to learn more.