Stop Paying High Health Insurance Costs

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Imagine as a business owner not having a double-digit increase in your health insurance next year.

See the problem is that healthy groups are letting the health insurance companies keep the profits.

If a company has a relatively healthy workforce and good claims experience, what’s actually happening is the health insurance companies are letting those other companies be subsidized because of your good claims experience.

Is that really fair?

Now and what can happen is with a fully insured plan such like a Blue Cross or Blue Shield, your claims experience is a closely held secret and that doesn’t really help the diligent business owner.

Those companies that are really good at claims, really participate in the best way that they possibly can.

So that’s why you’re seeing those increases each and every year.

So by controlling those costs and that claims experience you can actually improve your cash flow and have protection against those catastrophic losses.

See with better cash flow you’re going to be able to offer more to your employees.

You’ve got transparency of claims, which is going to help you in further years to help reduce those costs.

It can also help you to duplicate those existing plans.

One of the biggest problems is people go well I don’t really want to go to that because it’s not going to be similar to what I have…

That’s just not true!

We can duplicate it or make them substantially the same as what you currently have.

And what this will also do is you are protected on the upside against those spiraling catastrophic claims because you’re protected by a reinsurance cap if you will so do.

You want to stay with what you’re currently doing or do you want to try something new that’s going to help your cash flow?