Powerball and Mega Millions Teach You About Retirement

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Powerball and Mega Millions aren’t retirement plans.

A lot of people look at it this way and it’s kind of a hope.

The reality is that most people want to know what they have in retirement and defined benefit plans can offer that.

Defined benefit plans unlike a defined contribution can give you guaranteed income.

And why that’s important is…

There was a Harvard study about 6 or 7 years ago that came out and said that the average employee if they put the money away in their 401(k) are going to come up about 60% short of their retirement goals.

Let’s face it, business owners aren’t the average employee so it even gets worse for them.

Now I’m not saying get away from the 401(k), they’re great plans.

They offer great reasons and great opportunities.

But if you also offer in or layer in a defined benefit plan, you can offer…

  • A plan that offers the highest tax deduction currently available under the law,
  • You can help diversify reduce or even eliminate some of your stock market risk
  • You can give you guaranteed income you can’t outlive up to $225,000 a year


  • It also offers you the potential to use estate planning tools on a pre-tax basis

Something that you may want to consider offering your business owners