Be a Hero, Offer a Risk Review

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CPAs and advisors are frequently asked by their clients…

Do I have the right insurance coverage?

Are these limits correct?

What does this even cover?

And in many cases they can’t provide answers to these questions and their clients are left wanting to know more.

A solution to this is to have a risk review.

A risk review will look at all of the policies that a client has and help find alternative solutions and fill in some of the gaps in coverage that exists on the existing policies.

Many times these policies are just renewed year over year and an analysis of the company is not even done to see if the coverage is right or if it needs to be changed.

An example of this working was just utilized in North Carolina with a CPA who brought a client to us and we were able to identify an exclusion on his GL (general liability) policy for snow removal work.

Now this construction company utilized some of the equipment that they normally use in the removal of snow and plowing of commercial properties in the wintertime just to increase their revenue.

In a typical down period the client was able to find a solution for this and was able to fix his policies.

The CPA looked like a hero for bringing this to the table and bringing a solution to the client.

If this is something that would interest you, and you would like us to help you or one of your clients drop me a line or give us a call today.