Rising Healthcare Costs? RMC has a Solution!

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Everyone knows health insurance and rising medical costs are a major issue that businesses are facing today.

Employers are trying to provide the best coverage they possibly can for their employees because they know that this will help retain employees and it will in the long-term increase the growth of the company.

The problem that these businesses are seeing is the fact that they have 10 to 20% increases in the cost of medical care on a year in year out basis.

This significantly affects the bottom line and will affect the ability to provide quality coverage for your employees.

Most employers don’t know about the alternative solution called medical stop-loss which is an option for almost all employers that have over 25 employees.

We work with advisors like you to introduce this concept to your clients.

This is a big opportunity for you that could generate more revenue for your business without any additional licensing requirements.

Last year we were working with a CPA in Houston, Texas…

He introduced us to one of his clients who had about 100 employees and they were on a standard fully-insured plan.

We were able to design a medical stop-loss plan for this employer that had the same network, the same benefits, the same deductibles, pretty much the same coverage…

BUT we were able to show the potential upside of using a self-insured plan!

In this case [because of good loss history] this client was able to save about 20% of the cost that he would have paid for the fully-insured plan.

Even in the worst case scenario for this client, we were able to we would have paid the same amount that he was paying to the fully-insured plan carrier.

So we help this advisor provide a new alternative solution for his client that he wasn’t hearing from any of his other advisors…

In doing so, we were able to create a happy client – we were able to to help this advisor retain his client, we were helping him get more referrals from this client, and we were also able to help him get more revenue for himself.

We can show you how to do this as well.

To find out if this is right for you and some of your business clients drop me a line or give me a call today!