Life Insurance in Small Group Marketplace

Small employers are always looking for ways to make their employee benefit plans more attractive.  An important component of a benefit package is life insurance, even for smaller employers.  Life insurance is a benefit that an employer can provide that an employee may not otherwise purchase. In fact, a LIMRA study published just two ago found that 56% of Americans had no plan to purchase life insurance.  But today, according to the MetLife Employee Benefit Trends report, 57% of employees, regardless of the size of the employer, would like their employers to provide life insurance. This provides an opportunity for an insurance professional and advisor to help their clients develop more attractive employee benefit plans that attract and retain good employees.

RMC Group believes that every insurance professional and advisor should be talking to his or her clients about life insurance as part of a financial wellness program. Advisors should help their clients focus on the big picture of financial health and educate their clients and their employees on the need for life insurance.

RMC Group has been helping advisors design, implement and administer employee benefit plans for almost fifty years. We have experience with many types of employee benefit plans, including welfare plans, as well as qualified retirement plans. We believe that insurance is an important part of any employee benefit package and that every advisor should encourage his or her clients to think about their insurance package.  RMC Group can help advisors become well educated about insurance, whether group or individual, and make sure that an advisor can present his or her clients with all available options.

For more information about group life insurance plans or to request an employee benefit plan quote, please contact RMC at 888.599.5553.