Life Insurance Upgrade with Living Benefits

In a recent newsletter, RMC Group discussed the topic of Living Benefits in life insurance policies. Living Benefits are benefits that an insured can access during his or her lifetime in the event of terminal illness, chronic illness, and critical illness or injury. Living Benefits may also include long term care or disability benefits. By adding Living Benefits to a life insurance policy, you may be able to eliminate the need for separate policies to provide such benefits. If you have an existing life insurance policy without Living benefits, how can you access such benefits?

We work with a number of insurance carriers that offer customers the opportunity to convert an existing policy without Living Benefits to a policy with Living Benefits. Often, this can be accomplished with reduced underwriting. In addition, many companies will allow an insured to purchase additional insurance with reduced underwriting. You may even be able to exchange a policy with one company for a policy with a different company.

Living Benefits are not the only reason to meet with your existing clients to discuss their changing insurance needs. If you are an experience agent, you have seen many changes in the industry, both to products and laws and regulations. These changes could have a significant impact on your clients’ needs.

People are always looking to upgrade their cell phones or cars to the newest model or to get all of the bells and whistles. So, why shouldn’t they do the same with their life insurance? The life insurance industry is a competitive business, and companies are constantly designing new products and procedures to serve their customers and attract new ones. It was not that long ago that an insured had to die before his or her policy would pay. Now, with Living Benefits, an insured can access her policy during her life, when she needs it most. RMC Group can help keep you on the cutting edge of the insurance industry, so you can better meet the needs of your clients.

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