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Scott Strenger Joins RMC as Executive Director

RMC Group is pleased to announce that Scott Arlen Strenger has joined the company as Executive Director, Property and Casualty Division.  He will also contribute sales to RMC’s Captive, Pension, and Health operations.

Scott A. Strenger
Scott A. Strenger

As Executive Director, Scott will be responsible for recruiting large commercial insurance clients to RMC’s Property & Casualty division, as well as developing relationships with new insurance carriers and oversight of the division. His goal is to deliver the best possible insurance coverage to clients based on traditional and alternative insurance market options.

Upon joining RMC Group, Scott commented, “After years of working for the alphabet shops, RMC Group is a breath of fresh air. From an active P&C Division to owning its own reinsurance company to having the very best middle market Captive Manager, RMC Group is well positioned for success.  In addition, with a 45-year history of being a closely held family firm, we can do whatever the big publicly traded shops do without putting investors interests before our clients.”

Scott continued, “We report to our clients, not shareholders who are only interested in quarterly profits. We are not only a national company, but an international company as well with a London office. I truly believe RMC Group is the only industry household name that isn’t…yet!”

Scott’s Experience

Scott brings 35 years of experience as a Strategic Advisor to both Middle Market and Multi-National Companies to RMC. Scott prides himself on his accessibility to his clients and the ability to see insurance from his clients’ perspective.  His in-depth knowledge of Property and Casualty insurance products and outstanding insurance carrier relationships will make him an important member of RMC Group.

Scott is a licensed insurance agent in the state of Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Rutgers University and Whittier Law School. Scott has worked for Marsh & McLennan, Aon, and World Insurance Associates. He has increased market share in every insurance vertical he has focused on. His clients do not leave, and he can boast a 96% retention rate over a long career.

Ray Ankner, President & CEO of RMC Group, commented, “Scott is a proven Property & Casualty expert with a number of years’ experience in the industry. He recognizes the need for innovative solutions, understands the markets, and puts his clients first.”

Ray continued, “Scott’s experience will be invaluable to drive business to our Property & Casualty division, our other divisions, and to build on our reputation as a leader in risk management.”

Press Release

RMC Group Expands Its Property and Casualty Division

RMC Group is pleased to announce that two team members have passed their Resident Customer Representative Insurance Exam. Kathleen Gill and Kelly Wild passed their state exam and are now licensed Florida 4-40 Customer Representatives.

The 4-40 Customer Representative License allows an individual to transact insurance in an office as a salaried employee of a General Lines Agent or Agency. Before taking the 4-40 exam, they had each received their Professional Customer Service Representative (PCSR) designation.

“We’re proud of their hard work and determination to further their careers,” commented Ashley Simpson, RMC’s Human Resources Manager. “And excited for them to continue to grow in their roles here at RMC.”

With two new customer service representatives in its Bonita Springs headquarters, along with new hires, Michael Rindenau and Joy Savasta-Lagan, RMC Group continues to expand its Property and Casualty division.

Press Release

Michael Rindenau Joins RMC as Director of Marketing

RMC Group is pleased to announce that Michael Rindenau has joined the company as Director of Marketing, Property and Casualty Division.  He will also contribute to RMC’s Captive and Health operations. As Director of Marketing, Michael will be responsible for the overall management of RMC’s Property & Casualty division, including developing underwriting relationships with carriers. His goal is to deliver the best possible insurance portfolio to clients based on standard and alternative market options.

Michael Rindenau
Michael Rindenau

“Having spent many years preparing for this role, I am ready to take the Property & Casualty Division at RMC Group to new heights! Looking forward to an exciting 2021,” Michael said.

Michael brings over 30 years of experience in the Property and Casualty insurance industry to RMC Group. His in-depth knowledge of Property and Casualty insurance products and outstanding insurance carrier relationships will make him important member of the RMC Group team.

Previously Michael worked for Insurance Office of America in New Jersey. In that role, Michael led a Property and Casualty team in preparing submissions for new and existing large commercial businesses. He also served as liaison between multiple offices and national insurance carriers, establishing contracts and long-term commitments.

Michael is a licensed insurance agent in the state of New York and New Jersey, and a graduate of Brooklyn College.

Mark Elwell, Executive Vice President of Risk at RMC Group, commented, “Michael recognizes the need for creative solutions during this period of rising costs and limited coverage availability. His experience, knowledge of the market, and relationships with carriers will be invaluable in helping our clients find the right coverage.”

Press Release

Courtney Boles Joins RMC Group as Captive Risk Consultant

RMC Group is excited to announce that Courtney Boles has joined the company as a Captive Risk Consultant. Courtney is responsible for building relationships and soliciting new business for the captive division of RMC Group.

Courtney Boles Headshot

“After my sabbatical on a remote tropical island, I’m recharged and excited to be back in the insurance industry. I’m happy to partner with a company like RMC Group that is cutting-edge and diverse enough to offer myriad risk management strategies, yet still retains personalized service,” Courtney said.

Many Years of Experience

Courtney brings over 10 years of experience in the captive insurance industry to RMC Group.  She has helped hundreds of businesses identify their risks and evaluate alternative risk management solutions. She has helped to form insurance companies in 14 domiciles using a variety of structures including single parent, cell, and agency captives. These captives, combined with her clients’ existing commercial insurance, medical stop loss and other programs, worked to create customized, comprehensive, and cost-effective enterprise risk management strategies. Courtney also has five years’ experience with commercial insurance for a large regional insurance broker.

Courtney is an Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) and will complete her Associates in Captive Insurance (ACI) from ICCIE in 2021.

Mark Ewell, Executive Vice President of Risk with RMC Group, commented, “We are excited for Courtney to bring her knowledge and experience to our team at RMC. She will be an asset from day one and we look forward to her success.”

Press Release

Roxana Salem to Retire From PlanGen

PlanGen, a member of the RMC Group, announces that Roxana Salem, Senior Report Developer, will retire effective April 3, 2020.

Roxana has been with PlanGen since 2008. For over a decade, Roxana has been an integral part of the PlanGen team, working closely with the President of PlanGen to develop and work on quality control for the various custom report applications that produce comprehensive plan design illustrations, executive summaries, and plan comparisons for pension retirement plans.

Roxana has big plans for her retirement. She has been an avid student of genealogy and has provided amateur search services for individuals. After retiring, she plans to begin the process of attaining professional Board Certification in order to meet the rigorous standards required to access the repositories of courthouses, libraries, and archives.

Roxana is also a licensed falconer and will now have the time to engage in the practice.  She may pursue trapping an immature hawk in the fall, caring for it and training it over the winter and releasing it in the spring.  This will markedly improve the young raptor’s survival rate into adulthood. She will also have a lot more time to take long walks in the woods with her dog, a Borzoi named Varushka.

“Roxana has been an invaluable asset to PlanGen over the years,” said Todd Trzaskos. “She has been a wonderful co-worker offering good-humored skepticism and witty conversation. We truly will miss her.  Even though we may be able to call on her for consulting now and again, we realize that she has great plans for her time away from the computer screen, and we wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement.”

On behalf of RMC Group, we congratulate Roxana on her achievements throughout her career and wish her the best of luck in retirement. For more information about PlanGen, click here.

Press Release

Susan King Joins RMC as Property and Casualty Producer

RMC Group is pleased to announce that Susan King has joined the company as a Personal Lines Producer. Susan is responsible for building relationships and soliciting new business for the Property and Casualty division of RMC Group.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to join RMC Group in a role that utilizes my experience in personal lines insurance, property inspections and valuations, and real estate,” Susan says, “I am excited to become a contributor to the growth of RMC Group.”

Susan recently moved to Florida from Massachusetts, and brings over 12 years of experience as an insurance agent and inspector to RMC Group.  She currently holds a Property and Casualty Producer License (Florida 2-20) and is a licensed Realtor® in her home state of Massachusetts.

Susan specializes in teaming with Realtors® and mortgage brokers to create successful outcomes for their clients by providing insurance quotes and policies, with options to help home buyers in all types of transactions.

Belinda Zivich, Vice President of Business Development, commented, “I’m excited to have Susan with us as our newest producer. She comes with a vast amount of experience, along with the understanding of coastal issues having moved here from Cape Cod.”

Susan graduated from Clark University with a degree in economics and brings substantial education and work experience to RMC Group.

Belinda adds, “I know she will definitely be an asset to our personal lines clients.  I am also excited to see how she becomes involved in our community.”

Press Release

Robert Myers Joins RMC Group As Health & Benefits Consultant

RMC Group is pleased to announce that Robert Myers has joined the company as a Health and Benefits Consultant. Robert is responsible for building relationships and soliciting new business for the health division of RMC Group.

“From day one I was impressed with the caliber of people at RMC Group as well as the company’s ability to deliver value to its clients. I’m excited to be a part of a dynamic organization that provides deep intellectual capacity, industry–specific expertise, and global experience,” Robert said.

Robert brings over 10 years of experience in the health and benefits industry to RMC Group.  He holds both Life and Health (Florida 2-15) and Property and Casualty (Florida 2-20) licenses.

Robert graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in finance.  He brings substantial education and work experience to RMC Group.

Ryan Mitchell, President of RMC UK, commented, “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Myers as our new Health and Benefits Consultant. Robert’s appointment signals RMC’s continuing commitment to build on the strong foundation of our health and employee benefits business. Robert brings extensive experience in the health and benefits industry and a strong track record of focusing on customer solutions. I look forward to working with him.”