Does your Retirement Plan Offer Retirement Benefits?

When you think of retirement plans, you are most likely thinking about asset collection: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, EFTs, REITs, and/or derivatives.

And while those do play an integral part in setting up a comfortable retirement, they are not all there is to retirement planning. Focusing solely on the monetary aspect of retirement planning is both short sighted and can potentially be financially devasting.

There are three things that can and may happen in your retirement years:

  1. Living
  2. Dying
  3. And/or getting sick

Yet, most retirement plans only provide income.

However, a well-crafted retirement plan should also provide protection for all 3 of these things by simply including life insurance.

Benefit Riders

Today, life insurance policies can come equipped with benefit riders (at no additional cost) such as:

  • Chronic Illness Benefits
  • Terminal Illness Benefits
  • Long-Term Care Expenses

So, while planning for your retirement, ask yourself – does my current plan include these valuable planning tools?

If not, then it’s time to reevaluate your retirement plan to include more than just income.  Expect the unexpected in life to make sure you are prepared.

RMC Group’s retirement professionals are here to help with the unexpected. To schedule a review of your retirement plan or to learn more about these benefit riders, contact RMC at 239-298-8210 or [email protected].