Scott Strenger Joins RMC as Executive Director

RMC Group is pleased to announce that Scott Arlen Strenger has joined the company as Executive Director, Property and Casualty Division.  He will also contribute sales to RMC’s Captive, Pension, and Health operations.

Scott A. Strenger
Scott A. Strenger

As Executive Director, Scott will be responsible for recruiting large commercial insurance clients to RMC’s Property & Casualty division, as well as developing relationships with new insurance carriers and oversight of the division. His goal is to deliver the best possible insurance coverage to clients based on traditional and alternative insurance market options.

Upon joining RMC Group, Scott commented, “After years of working for the alphabet shops, RMC Group is a breath of fresh air. From an active P&C Division to owning its own reinsurance company to having the very best middle market Captive Manager, RMC Group is well positioned for success.  In addition, with a 45-year history of being a closely held family firm, we can do whatever the big publicly traded shops do without putting investors interests before our clients.”

Scott continued, “We report to our clients, not shareholders who are only interested in quarterly profits. We are not only a national company, but an international company as well with a London office. I truly believe RMC Group is the only industry household name that isn’t…yet!”

Scott’s Experience

Scott brings 35 years of experience as a Strategic Advisor to both Middle Market and Multi-National Companies to RMC. Scott prides himself on his accessibility to his clients and the ability to see insurance from his clients’ perspective.  His in-depth knowledge of Property and Casualty insurance products and outstanding insurance carrier relationships will make him an important member of RMC Group.

Scott is a licensed insurance agent in the state of Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Rutgers University and Whittier Law School. Scott has worked for Marsh & McLennan, Aon, and World Insurance Associates. He has increased market share in every insurance vertical he has focused on. His clients do not leave, and he can boast a 96% retention rate over a long career.

Ray Ankner, President & CEO of RMC Group, commented, “Scott is a proven Property & Casualty expert with a number of years’ experience in the industry. He recognizes the need for innovative solutions, understands the markets, and puts his clients first.”

Ray continued, “Scott’s experience will be invaluable to drive business to our Property & Casualty division, our other divisions, and to build on our reputation as a leader in risk management.”