RMC’s Hurricane Preparedness Cheat Sheet

We learned a valuable lesson last year when Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on Naples, Florida, where our corporate offices are located.  A hurricane is a powerful storm that requires advance preparation.  RMC Group is dedicated to helping you be fully-prepared before the next hurricane strikes. Please do not to wait until last minute before making plans or gathering supplies.


  • HAVE A PLAN: Make sure you know your home’s evacuation zone. If you have special needs or pets, make sure you know which shelters can accommodate your special needs or pets.
  • SUPPLIES: Make sure you have enough water and non-perishable food to last at least five days. Bottled water sells out quickly when a big storm is forecasted.  Keep a few cases on hand at all times. In addition, you should have a flashlight, can opener, batteries, matches and cash.  It is a good idea to buy a new first-aid kit each season.
  • HURRICANE-PROOF YOUR HOME: Install storm shutters! Make sure garage doors are secure and exterior doors have at least three hinges with a dead bolt lock at least one-inch long.
  • INVENTORY YOUR HOME: Take videos and photos of your home and personal property. Having a complete record of your property will expedite the claims process and ensure that you are reimbursed in the event of damage.  You can do this with a smartphone.
  • PROTECT ALL VALUABLES: Store valuables and documents (insurance paperwork) in a portable, waterproof container.
  • BACKUP ELECTRONIC INFORMATION: Make sure data from your phone and computers are backed up before storm season.
  • GET FLOOD INSURANCE: Make sure you have flood insurance! If you live in Florida, you need flood insurance. The entire state is a flood zone. There is typically a 30-day waiting period for a new flood insurance policy, so don’t wat until last minute.

If you are a current client of the RMC Group, thank you.  If you are not a current client of the RMC Group, please contact us today to discuss how we can help you!  You can contact us at 239.298.8210 or at [email protected].